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Little Red Cap

Feminine Initiation and Little Red Cap

"Little Red Riding Hood" traditionally known as "Little Red Cap" is a story we were all told growing up. What we weren't told is that Little Red Riding Hood's iconic red cloak represented a young girl's first menstruation. We weren't told that the Wolf that lurked in the woods represented the predators that cross every young, pubescent girl's path. And we weren't told that the Grandmother and the Huntsman represented the wisdom of the masculine and feminine awaiting every girl who is willing to face the dark wood.

Join Jayenna in this five part course exploring the archetypes of feminine initiation. Whether you are just beginning puberty or find yourself in your crone years, this folk tale holds powerful messages for all women and young girls. Discover what predators are stalking your path to empowerment. Zero in on the distractions that are pulling you off course. And get in touch with your inner Grandmother and Huntsman to set yourself free. You will never hear the story of Red Riding Hood the same again.

Coming Fall 2021

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