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Wolf Women

Women Who Run with the Wolves

This thirteen part course is based on Clarissa Pinkola Estes' iconic book, "Women Who Run With the Wolves." Dr. Estes uses myths from the world over to cover the topics of intuition, creativity, body shame, sexuality, rage, and grief. While this book is universally renowned as the Women's Bible, its breadth and depth often overwhelms readers. Jayenna walks participants through the essence of each story, using techniques to help learners of every style connect with their deep truths.

The class meets once a month to discuss, journal and visualize our way through the topics of a new chapter. Participants are welcome to jump in at any point. In person as well as online options are open to new attendees and recordings of past classes are available for purchase. Women who have attended the class are also welcome to join us for our yearly Wolf Women reunion.

If you are a woman seeking authentic, soulful connection, join us. This is your pack.

Join the Pack

Contact The Wild Bliss for details. In Person and Online classes available. 

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